The New Paradigm for Workforce Productivity,
Efficiency & Performance

As companies embark aggressively on digital transformation and realign their corporate roadmap towards becoming a digital enterprise, the critical question to ask is – how are we managing and prepping our workforce throughout this change?

Join us at the Future Workforce Asia Summit 2018 where you will gain inspirations on what the future of work will look like - how the nature of work and workforce dynamics will evolve as people, robots and AI begin to work alongside each other.

Prepare your business for the future. Explore how you can move your talent up the value chain with critical digital skillsets. Find out how you enhance work productivity by making strategic investments in AI and robots. Discover the keys to engaging the modern workforce through collaborative workplace designs.

Don’t miss the unique opportunity to learn from Asia’s top workforce strategists, business leaders and HR executives on successfully driving workforce transformation to prepare for the business of tomorrow.

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2018 Keynote Speakers Include:

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Key Conference Themes


Redesigning Work, Workforce & Workplace for the Future Economy


Cognitive Workforce Development: Optimising Talent with AI


The Rise of the Hybrid Workforce: Moving from Labor to Digital Arbitrage


Strategic Workforce Planning & Performance Management


Driving Transformation through Digitising HR & Enabling Workforce Mobility


Employee Experience, Talent Development & Sourcing


Smart Workplaces Driving Collaborative Innovation


Digital Leadership: Managing & Accelerating Change

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Why Attend

Interactive Sessions

Hear best-in-class practices from Asia’s leading organisations on redesigning their workforce strategy to ensure digital future readiness

Real Situation Analysis

Capitalise on the rise of AI and robots: Learn how you can drive organisational productivity and performance with a hybrid workforce

ISO Technical Committee

Master modern workforce planning with the latest workforce trends, tools plus insights on how you can tap into the potential of the gig economy

Reduce Costs and Improve Quality

Learn the ins and outs of smart workplace designs to empower communication, collaboration and innovation

Networking Opportunities

Winning in the war for talent: Gain inspirations on talent sourcing, engaging millennial and developing digital leaders

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